Wherein a Blog is Launched

Nursing is my profession and my passion. I have spent the past twenty-some years working as a nurse in various settings. I have worked in the emergency room, on a medical-surgical floor, in intensive care, in the operating room and in labor & delivery. I have worked in a nursing home. I have worked in hospice. I have worked in education and administration.¬† I have never met a nursing job I could not love. Along the way I’ve worked with countless wonderful nurses and I’ve earned three nursing degrees. I love almost everything about nursing except our appalling lack of diversity.

This blog is for you, my fellow nurses and nurses-to-be. It is the first step in my efforts to enhance diversity within our profession. I will collect and curate stories, articles, scholarly works and testimonials designed to open your eyes and inspire you to action. I will entertain discussions about tough topics like affirmative action and racial profiling from a healthcare perspective. Please note, though, that while discourse is encouraged, incivility and bullying are not. If you are unable to state your point without diminishing your colleagues you probably need to take your argument elsewhere. To that end, comments will be moderated.

Please feel free to contact me with comments, questions, suggestions or additions for this space. Ultimately I hope to have several co-authors from different nursing specialties contributing to this site, so if you want to contribute a guest post please contact me via the blog.



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