The Truth About Nursing

One of the problems with recruiting talented people into nursing is that nursing suffers from bad PR. Don’t believe me? Think about the portrayals you’ve seen of nurses in the media. Are they portrayed as highly-skilled professionals with a strong science background? Or are they portrayed as handmaidens, angels or sex objects?

There is an organization working hard to improve media portrayals of nursing and nurses. It’s The Truth About Nursing  and their information is worth a look.

THE TRUTH ABOUT NURSING challenges stereotypes and educates the world about the value of nursing. Better understanding that nurses are autonomous, college-educated science professionals will strengthen nursing care, education and research, allowing nurses to save more lives.

How does this relate to my goal of increasing nursing diversity? Well, I think that poor media portrayals of nursing tend to drive everyone away from the profession. We need to attract bright, capable people from all races and all genders and all walks of life. You can help – visit The Truth About Nursing and take action!


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