Oh, Alabama…

Some tone-deaf folks in Alabama celebrated Confederate Heritage Month in April. And, yeah, I’m late posting on it. But, in my defense, there is SO MUCH CRAP going on in the realm of racism and diversity that there’s no way one nurse blogger could stay on top of it.

Back to Alabama, though, Secretary of State John Merrill says Confederate Heritage Month  totally isn’t about slavery and he isn’t racist. He has a signed photo of John Lewis. There are TWO black people working in the lobby, ya’ll. And they aren’t there because of the color of their skin, either, so get that out of your head, you racist!

From Think Progress:

Merrill explained to ThinkProgress that he wanted to participate in a “celebration of the heritage of the south” because he believes young people need to “to be respectful of those historical traits we hold dear.” Those traits, he emphasized, are “not related to race, divisiveness, or a heritage of fighting.” Rather, they are “pride in our work and in our communities.”

He repeatedly assured ThinkProgress that he personally has no racial biases, noting that he owns a signed photo of Alabama civil rights icon John Lewis, and touting the diversity in his agency.

“We’ve got two African Americans that work in the lobby area of our office here,” he said. “None of them are working here because they’re black, but because they’re highly-qualified, trained professionals. I judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

The controversy over the Secretary of State’s remarks comes amidst a national debate over how to appropriately remember the state-sanctioned slavery on which much of the U.S. was founded and sustained for hundreds of years.

I can’t even. I’m completely out of evens for the week, and it’s only Monday. SMH. My sentiments are with this chick:



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