Endorsing Trump

From the Chicago Tribune , a hilarious (or it would be, if it weren’t so frightening) piece from a white guy, who finally sees the light and endorses Donald Trump.  Author  Rex Huppke nails it.

From the article:

But if there’s one thing we (white guys) can count on it’s that a Trump presidency will make things better for all of us. There will be fewer Mexicans (wall); fewer Muslims (closing mosques, no refugees, general intolerance); fewer weak men with feelings (everything will be SO strong); and fewer women and minorities in the workplace thanks to political correctness being outlawed and everyone who’s not a white guy wanting to move to Canada rather than deal with all the loud-mouthed white guys.

And why is it good to have fewer of all these people? Because we (white guys) all know that every out-of-work white guy is a victim of “others.” It could be the fault of the president who happens to be black. Or it could be the Mexicans pouring across our Swiss-cheese border, as long as you ignore the fact that, according to a recent Pew Research Center study, there are more Mexicans leaving the United States than entering.

It’s definitely not the fault of globalization and America’s change to a more knowledge-based economy. It’s the fault of us believing the politically correct myth that it’s the fault of globalization and America’s change to a more knowledge-based economy.

Trump will erase that myth and return all the high-paying manufacturing jobs by destroying political correctness, which is what’s forcing us white guys to tolerate all these other people who have made white-guy America less great.



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